Our Style – Way of Doing things.

This refers to the feel of the tour, how we do things, and the ambiance that we set. Our style is:

Fun, but not facile.

Relaxed, but never sloppy.

Friendly, but (almost) never inappropriate!   

Intellectual, but not snooty.

Enthusiastic, but not annoyingly keen.

Professional, but not stiflingly so.

Having said that, you can judge for yourself. Below are photos, of us at work, and at play, in the places we take you.

Clientsi (drinkfood)
Med dream
Corsica trio
Lake wakatipu
Guides greece
Img 8353
Guides manu 3
Tuscany walk villa
Z smells good
Zagori megalo hotel
Me and dimitris
Zz retro 2013 best photo bomb
Corsica hotel room view
Ilaria crop turkey
Img 1903
Alta via cw
Silly manu 1
Banner manu 3
Last supper, scaled
Img 2774

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Customer support

Contact us by email. All inquiries

(+39) 0577 169 8006
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