New Routes and Specials on “ITALO” trains

New Routes and Specials on “ITALO” trains
February 01, 2016/in Blog/by admin

The high-speed rail service called "Italo" came on the scene in Italy about a decade ago as an alternative to the state-run Trenitalia network. It has recently expanded its service to go as far south as Naples and Salerno, and has added new cities up north, like Padua, Venice, Verona, and Torino. They have frequent sales and specials, including cheap deals on advanced bookings, two-for-one deals, a new "open ticket" option, and even free train service to Rome and Milan if you're flying to/from Asia on Cathay Pacific. See below for more news from Italo.

1) Routes -- there are now three main lines:
-- Torino to Salerno: Torino - Milano - Reggio Emilia - Bologna - Florence - Roma (Tiburtina) - Roma (Termini) - Naples - Salerno
-- Venice to Bologna: Venice (Santa Lucia) - Venice (Mestre) - Padova - Bologna
-- Verona to Naples: Verona -  Bologna - Florence - Rome (Tiburtina) - Rome (Termini) - Naples

You can see their full schedule in PDF here:  http://www.italotreno.it/~/media/Images/content/pdf/orari/italo_orari_eng.pdf

2) Italo now stops at the main Milano Centrale train station. They also stop at the Milano Rogoredo station, which serves the far southeast suburbs of the city (so you most likely won't want to get off there!).

3) They have a variety of discounts on their "Specials" page, like 40% off for "Seniors" (over-60), 50% off if you travel on certain days of the week, special deals if you do an out-and-back in the same day, or 5% off if you book a round-trip in advance. And as always you get better deals if you book in advance.

4) They have a service called "Open Ticket" that allows you to buy your ticket in advance, getting the discounted price, but leaving the travel date open. This is very handy if you have a general idea of where you'd like to go but haven't locked in dates yet. See further information here:  http://www.italotreno.it/en/train-offers/Open-Ticket

5) Coming in from Australia or New Zealand via Asia? Or hopping over to Hong Kong via Europe? Italo now has a partnership with Cathay Pacific, one of the world's top ranked airlines. If you fly to or from Hong Kong or Singapore via Rome or Milan, your train connection to some Italian cities is free, which will save some of us here at the Customwalks offices in Tuscany 100 euros! grin 

Of course, you can always travel on the Italian "Trenitalia" system, which has both high-speed and regional lines throughout the country. For complete information on Italy's extensive (and confusing!) rail system, consult our blog:  https://www.customwalks.com/blog/post/italys-train-system-made-easy

Wondering which stations help get you to our tours? Here's a quick list:
* Amalfi Walk: Naples -- both Italo and Trenitalia go there with high-speed train, while Trenitalia also has cheaper (and slower!) regional trains
* Cinque Terre: Santa Margherita Ligure -- only Trenitalia takes you there, though both companies would get you to Milan or Florence for connections
* Dolomites: both companies will get you to Milano, then you'll have to take further connections either with Trenitalia or by bus
* Lake Como: both companies will get you to Milan, then you'd have to take a regional train with Trenitalia
* Puglia & Basilicata Walk, Bike or Scooter: only Trenitalia goes to Bari
* Sicily: it's an island, so we suggest you fly! wink
* Tuscany Walk, Bike or Scooter: both companies will get you to Florence
* Innsbruck to Verona Bike: the trip finishes in Verona, which is served by both companies
* Venice to Bologna Bike: both Venice and Bologna are served by both companies


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