Customwalks Covid 19 Protocols 2023 Season

Covid is still out there, and people are still contracting Covid. It is pretty clear that everyone is going to be infected by a strain of Covid sooner or later, and when they do, it is not the end of the world. However, it would be better if all participants and guides on tour enjoyed a Covid-free week. 

Here is our Customwalks Protocol for dealing with Covid on tour. It has been developed in consultation with our guides, guests, and suppliers. 

Prevention: Everyone should adopt “Best Practice” to prevent contracting Covid during the week prior to the tour date.

We ask that all participants and guides perform a “Take-Home” Covid test the day before the tour if they show symptoms and to advise us if they test positive. We at least want to start the tour free of Covid! 

Testing: If a tour participant starts to have symptoms they should inform the guide/s who will provide a test that can be done in the hotel room. 

A Negative Test Result: People who are displaying Covid-like or flu-like symptoms, but test negative will benefit from removing potential worries and concerns for themselves, and for all tour participants. Hooray! What a relief! However, nobody wants to catch the flu either while on tour, so guests who are sick are requested to be considerate and do their best not to pass on their illness to others in the group.  

A Postive Test Result: So, what is a reasonable and acceptable response to a positive test? How long is a piece of string? The answer to that question will depend on how symptomatic or asymptomatic the infected person is. Our approach is to adopt a common-sense response that is nuanced and recognizes the circumstances of each case. 

Our default response to a Positive Test result is that the person is isolated in their hotel room until the fifth day after first having symptoms or first testing positive. This is in keeping with standard Covid recommendations. 

Common Sense Nuanced response.  If the person is relatively asymptomatic and all other tour participants (including the guides) are willing to adopt a different response to the situation, then the person who has tested positive may continue to participate in the hikes.

Hikes/Walks: If the person is asymptomatic enough to want to continue to hike then they could do the hikes/walks while maintaining sufficient physical distancing from other people to prevent any transmission. 

Hotel rooms: If the person is sharing a room, and the other person in the room no longer wants to share the room, then the person who has tested positive will be put in a single room at their expense. 

Transfers. If the person is willing to pay for separate transfers and if the taxi driver is willing to accept them, then separate transfers could be organized so that the person could participate in the hikes/walks. If you are doing one of our Scooterbella Vespa tours, this is not an issue as the person could continue to drive their own Vespa. The person who is positive may have the option to rent a car and driver themselves and therefore be fully independent from the group and the group transfers.  

Breakfast: In their room.  

Lunch. We organize for them to have a picnic lunch, which they can enjoy while maintaining physical distance from the rest of the group. 

Dinner. In their room. 

Consensus: Care will be taken to consult all tour participants in a “diplomatic” way so that nobody feels pressured. The guides will speak to the tour participants privately in order to have their opinions. It is only through consensus that a decision will be made. The default protocol is that the person who has tested positive is isolated in their room until the fifth day after first having symptoms or first testing positive. 

Comments. If you would like to share your thoughts with me, I would be happy to receive them as I do not presume to have all the right answers. Hopefully, by being vigilant we can all enjoy a wonderful covid-free time together. 

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