Customwalks Covid 19 Protocols, updated Jan 23, 2021.

We expect the present protocols for international travel to remain in place for 2022. Please note, the following protocols are not uniform across the European Union countries, but most countries adhere to these types of protocols.

  • It is expected that all international travellers will be required to produce a negative PCR test or Antigen test result taken 72 or 48 hours prior to boarding their flight (As of Jan 23,the United Kingdom does not require a pre-flight test for people flying to the U.K.).
  • International travellers will need to produce proof of current vaccination before boarding their flight.
  • International travellers will have to fill out online, a Passenger Locator form in which they will need to state where they will be for the first 48 hours upon entry into the country of destination.
  • International travellers may have to provide a negative Covid test either before leaving the airport, or within a couple of days of arriving, or not at all

Here are our Customwalks Covid 19 protocols for our tours.

  1. Customwalks will abide by the Covid 19 protocols of the country in which we are touring
  2. Customwalks will only accept participants on tour who have proof of current vaccination
  3. All Customwalks guides must be currently vaccinated
  4. All Customwalks guides will take a rapid lateral flow antigen test within 72 hours of beginning a tour
  5. Masks will be worn during van transfers by all occupants if required to do so by law
  6. Common sense practices, such as hand washing, mask wearing when appropriate,and social distancing when appropriate will be applied
  7. Guides have been trained to monitor participants for symptoms of Covid 19 and any tour participant who displays symptoms will be taken for a Covid test.
  8. If a tour participant tests positive during the tour and national protocols require that person to self-isolate, then the Customwalks guides will help make arrangements.
  9. If a tour participant tests positive during the tour then all other tour participants and guides will be immediately tested. Participants and guides who produce negative test results will continue with the tour unless national Covid protocols dictate otherwise.

Regarding Omicron. It is now clear that case numbers are starting to decline and an Omicron variant infection is less severe than infections from previous strains of the virus.

Modelling suggests that Europe and North America will hit a peak of infections by the end of January. Case numbers indicate that the modelling is correct.

As spring approaches, things will improve, and case numbers will decline because;  

  • They always do, thanks to people meeting outside instead of inside,
  • Booster shots have proven effective in reducing the likelihood of infection and reducing the severity of the symptoms if infected
  • People will have been infected by Omicron and they will have developed immunity against Omicron for the next six months
  • People will start to be vaccinated with the new Omicron specific vaccines which be even more effective at protecting people from infection and illness

I don’t think international air travel will be disrupted by travel bans in the spring because:

  • all countries will have Omicron as the dominant variant.
  • Classic European travel destinations such as Spain, Italy, France, and Greece will do as they did in 2021 and welcome American tourists with open arms. Their economies rely too much on tourism to do otherwise.

The travel protocols that were put into place in the summer and fall of 2021 and which permitted relatively easy international travel will remain in place (I speak from personal experience. In July I flew from New Zealand to London via Singapore. In August I flew to Italy from London, in October I flew from Italy back to the U.K. via Switzerland). Namely:

  • Proof of vaccination,
  • Negative Pre-Flight test result,
  • mask on while flying (but not while eating or drinking, so bottoms up!)
  • perhaps the requirement for a post flight negative test,
  • requirement to fill out PLF form/Passenger Locator Form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Everyone at Customwalks wishes you well and we look forward to getting back out on the trail with you as soon as possible.

Brett, Manu, Claire, Sara, Francesca, Stephanie, Marco, Melissa, Dennis, Manuela, Rachele, Francesco, Rudy, Heidi, Dayan, Nefeli, Dimitris, and Ottavia

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