We can easily upgrade our tours from comfortable three and four star hotels to five star luxury hotels. If that is what you want, just ask us. Don't worry, we don't mind! We are all about giving you what you want.

If you want to experience Michelin starred dining during your tour, that is no problem. Again, we are MORE than happy to treat you to the many fine restaurants that populate the regions where we do our tours. We often deliberately give a "free night" during our regular departures to enable people to experience the more sophisticated side of European cuisine. Besides Michelin starred restaurants we know the up and coming chefs who are striving for recognition and who are producing extraordinary culinary experiences, as well as the wonderful local "hole in the walls" who specialize in producing three or four dishes to perfection.

And then of course there is the wine. It is not by accident that I chose to live in one of the great wine producing areas of the world. If you want to experience Europe's finest wines, we know the best producers, restaurants and wine bars where you can go big. You want a private visit and tasting at Ornellaia, or Tenuta San Guido ("Sassicaia"), or Le Macchiole? Let us know and we can make the arrangements. The same holds true for many of the great producers throughout Italy and France. Perhaps more importantly, after twenty years of travel and tasting in France and Italy we also know the smaller, lesser known producers whose wines are absolutely fabulous.

The point is, if you want to seriously pamper your palate, we know how to do it. Ask us for a luxury tour with a focus on food and wine and we will happily give you a quote.

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Customer support

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