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VIDEO Testimonial of our Puglia and Basilicata Walk.

"One of the best guided trips I've done." ....

"I got my money's worth--outstanding organization."....

"Loved  everything about this trip, and I consider myself an experienced traveler with high expectations."

"I had a blast. I loved it all. I never expected it to be so diverse. It is the ultimate trip for me. Hiking, history, culture, great food and wine and great people!!!" Corsica Walk, 2011

Read an article about our Tuscany Walk that appeared in New Zealand's "Otago Daily Times" written by deputy editor Simon Cunliffe. Click here.  

“Brett and his team at Customwalks do a fantastic job with the logistics and organization of all of the tours. The hotels are very nice and the selection of restaurants is superb—we had so much food and all of it was delicious. The work that goes into making the walking tours so enjoyable is very important as there needs to be a contingency plan in case of unforeseen circumstances (weather changes, road closures, etc) and Brett and his team have built in flexibility to all their tours so they can make changes on the fly if necessary. We were a group of 8 last year and we had such a great time we recommended it to our 4 friends here in the US. The key to any tour is the tour guide. Our guide last year in Puglia was Claudia and she was absolutely fantastic. She took care of every little detail and made sure we did what we wanted to do so we could enjoy the full experience.” Puglia and Basilicata Walk 2011

"Brett, Complimenti! I think your business is a positive and sustainable enterprise 1) because of the small scale and (mostly) self-powered, (i.e.walking) trips, and 2) because of the unique stable of guides you have assembled. I also think your tours offer the possibility for a deeper personal experience (in addition to a wonderful, hands-on, stimulating vacation) that I imagine just doesn’t happen on more high volume, rigidly scheduled tours. I think Customwalks  provides opportunities for experences that (in simple, overused words) make one’s life better.  So, bravo e complimenti." Repeat Customwalks Traveller.

“. . . the trip definitely surpassed our expectations. It was a wonderful experience. The best part of the trip were our guides . . . Stephanie and Illaria . . . for sure. They really made the difference in elevating the experience to "absolutely wonderful" status. Their attention to detail was just unsurpassed. They were excellent . . . quite an effective, welcoming and attentive team, I must say. “ Tuscany Walk, 2012

“Claire, Many thanks for making the Croatia trip such a success. You hit it out of the park again. Josko was fabulous, you did a great job  arranging our time/tour/transfer in Dubrovnik, the boat and its crew, etc. Always special to have you 'on board'! Marge and I look forward to future events with Customwalks.” Croatia Walk and Cruise, 2012

"Amazing doesn't begin to describe the whole experience! The trip itself, the incredible company, the leadership (and Luca's and Claire's adaptations and the little side stories), and the awesome riding! The trip of a lifetime, hyperbole aside! I will continue to sing the praises of this trip, your crew, and Customwalks." Custom Tour de France Bike tour, 2012

"We all had a fantastic time , Melissa was great company and a great and caring guide. It was much better than a much higher priced trip from a well k "Cam and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year (I know scary...). We think the best way of celebrating would be with a "Brett trip"!!  You probably don't remember that in the year of our 20th, we did what I still think of as our BEST TRIP EVER ...the Turkey sail and hike." Istanbul and TurkishCcoast Walk and Cruise. They did their tour in 2007 and it's even better now!nown U.S. company which three of us did two years ago." Tuscan Coast Bike Tour, 2012

"Hotel accommodations and food were excellent. I was enormously impressed with the attention paid by the leader to choosing menus that were varied and reflected the "flavors" of Tuscany. Scheduling was prompt and efficient. Not much standing around waiting, either for other hikers or for vans. Pretty terrific!" Tuscany Walk, 2012

"Amazing!! Even with the itinerary changing due to the mudslide, everything was smooth and terrific. I traveled some more afterward on my own and quickly realized how nice it was to have all the details prearranged during the tour."  Cinque Terre Walk, 2012

"The hikes were awesome and well planned and Manu always stayed ahead of the weather. The accommodations and the food were excellent. I enjoyed both the Hotel Post and Hotel Menardi. I especially enjoyed the many options I had as a vegetarian, even at the rifugios. The trip was excellent because of Manu’s professional manner. Manu is an excellent guide! I certainly would recommend Customwalks to my friends and maybe another hike in Dolomites for me in the future. Thank you again - I had the best time hiking the majestic Dolomites with Manu as our guide." Dolomites Hike, 2012

"What a beautiful ride you (Sara) and Brett gave us. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Multi grazie !!!" Tuscany by Vespa, 2012

"We had a brilliant trip. We all pretty much loved every bit of it !" Tuscany by Vespa, 2012

"Claire and Melissa were great - perfect foils for each other and both certainly made us feel that they cared for all of us and our well being. It is not easy dealing with a group of individuals with different personalities, expectations and abilities (especially in the "walking" department) but they did it with apparent ease and consistent good humor and kindness. The organization was excellent - hotels, dinners, activities etc yet they were flexible enough to vary things when needed." Provence Walk, 2011

"We recently participated in your September Amalfi hike and had the time of our lives. We just loved Carol and Ilaria. They worked together really well. We appreciated Carol's professionalism and warmth, and found Ilaria's enthusiasm and energy very endearing. The trip was well planned, and we had a great time each day. The progression from the coast up to the Path of the Gods was really well thought out. We are looking forward to doing another trip." Amalfi Walk, 2012

"... what a FABULOUS trip. The hotel was divine and Marco even more so. He was delightful, witty, well informed, unbelievably patient, loved great coffee, introduced us to delicious food. For some more general feedback, I think though to me it was quite expensive it was a 5 star experience and I can't see how one could have done that trip without all that inside knowledge. Really, every town and every restaurant was great, in particular the organic farm stood out as the best food we had. The winery restaurant on the last night was great, the restaurant above the hotel was marvelous, the coffees everywhere were terrific. We loved the hilltop towns, the monastery, the twisty roads, the castle, Ferragamo's village, the ancient mill and of course Sienna. We enjoyed the tour with our guide in Sienna. Quite eccentric but passionate and in the Aussie vernacular, a complete Dag. Delightful. So how can you loose with Vespas in Tuscany. Several friends have said we were mad to ride scooters in Italy but when we told them how quiet the roads were and the speeds one rode at they were very reassured. So what can I say, ten out of ten !" Tuscany Vespa, 2011

"Hi Brett, We just wanted to thank you very much for all the care and attention you had put into organizing such a wonderful walk and holiday for us. We thought about how well you had catered to our various needs, including dietary in particular. We also enjoyed your wide knowledge about Italy. We have wonderful memories of the beautiful walks in the Sicilian countryside and through the lovely baroque cities, lots of laughs and of course fabulous food." Customized Sicily Walk, 2011

“Brett, we all had a fantastic Sicilian adventure and found all your "tweaking" paid off as we all felt the trip was everything we had imagined it would be. The food was great, the accommodation well thought out and varied which is what we had requested, Hotel to Agriturismo and always well located. The walks were beautiful and even though we may have given the guide on Stromboli an anxiety attack, it was a favorite as was Ortigia, a real gem! The characters along the way priceless. Newton, our all time favorite! I would like to thank you for putting so much effort into ensuring the fortnight was enjoyed by one and all. I felt personally responsible for the Sicily baby after tracking you down and I must admit that by the time we were taken on a tour of Palermo by Maximilliano ( great personality) and next day finished lunch at that wonderful agriturismo near Segesta, I knew we were on a winner and you didn’t disappoint. We loved Melissa and of course Claudia added the real Italian touch! Customized Sicily Walk, 2011

"Brett, I'm just dropping you a quick (belated ) line to say how much Peter and I enjoyed our recent cycling holiday in Tuscany with Customwalks. We did the tour with Claire and we thoroughly enjoyed it and it lived up to or even exceeded our expectations - wonderful scenery, food, wine, accommodation and above all lots of fun!!! The group was great and Claire was absolutely fantastic! She really made it for us with so much knowledge about everything, history, wine, the area etc and she really went that extra mile to make it a very special week for all of us. (Ok, Ok - so she paid me to say that!!!..!!!) Seriously, tho', she was great." Tuscany Bike,2010

"Claudia was delightful and a real asset to your program. She would definitely be a draw for a future trip."

Provence Walk: Melissa and Claire were Amazing!! Fun, informative, helpful and flexible.  

Melissa is a trip leader par excellence! Looking forward to our reunion trip!

" The trip as a whole was well researched and designed. Claire’s great background in history added depth. Both Claire and Melissa were extremely professional.  Kept the trip flowing while engaging with us in a relaxed manner.  Both brought something different to the tour and the combination made for an interesting and fun adventure."

A fabulous experience. Guides, Stephanie & Marco were so great in all aspects of this wonderful week.

"Marco is a fantastic guide. He really took the time every date set the expectation of what lie ahead. He also took the time to provide thoughtful answers to all of the questions we had for him."

"Sagra is a joy to travel with.....she brings her energy and enthusiasm to the group and you just want to follow her!"

Cannot express how much we enjoyed our guide, Marco, and all the information and help he provided! He was very fun and informative and does. Great job!!!!!

"Manu is one of the best guides I have had on a group trip, BUT she eats too much Nutella."

"Ilaria is amazing, energetic, fun, knowledgeable, and overall did a totally outstanding job."

"Claire and Ilaria really do deserve perfect scores all the way around. They created a great team dynamic and really felt like friends on the trips versus just tour guides."

"Ilaria was simply off the charts for enthusiasm and energy."

“Stephanie is a pro. Her attention to detail on everything from the hikes, to hotels, to food exceeded our expectations. She was very attentive to the needs/pace/enjoyment-level of the group. Really good at checking in with each participant and the group. She worked well with the other guide: Ilaria. She gave Ilaria lots of band-width to share her native understanding of Italy. They had a nice cadence with each other; clearly trusting and respecting each other and the roles they played. Ilaria is highly extroverted, and a drama coach/teacher. She made for lots of entertainment and laughter. Stephanie was the wise and grounded guide who counter-balanced her nicely. We enjoyed both tremendously.”

“Stephanie and Lorenzo were amazing and worked really well together. They were fun and funny and helpful and accommodating to everyone's needs. They are incredible ambassadors for Italy and terrific Customwalks guides. Having wonderful guides certainly enhanced the trip for us!”

"Brett, The week in Sicily was the best - your enthusiasm, knowledge, and great good humor enriched our time. Trip mates were terrific. Thank you, thank you."

"Sara, The vespa tour was the best experience in our trip to Italy, and you made the tour much more fun smile Thanks!"

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