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Sicily Aeolian Island Cruise & Hiking Tour

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  • Location: Italy
  • Duration: 9 Days/8 Nights
  • Departing from: Catania, Friday 7 p.m. Day 1
  • Tour finishes: Catania, 10 a.m. Saturday, Day 9
  • Departures 2023: Private departures only, contact us for details.
  • Price 2023: Price depends on group size and dates.
  • Departures 2024: Private departures only, contact us for details.
  • Price 2024: Price depends on group size and dates.
  • Departures 2025: Private departures only, contact us for details.
  • Price 2025: Price depends on group size and dates.

Explore the stunning Aeolian Islands of Sicily on foot while traveling on board a private two-masted sailing ketch. This archipelago of 8 small islands just off the northern coast of Sicily is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a prime destination for travel-savvy Italians. The islands are all different, each one offering something extraordinary: hike along the volcanic crater of Vulcano (after which all volcanoes were named!); visit the Archaeological Museum of Lipari, with its extensive collection of ancient artefacts that bear witness to a lively trade in the area as far back as 6,000 years ago; test your style in the chic hideaway of Panarea; climb the slopes of majestic Stromboli, one of the only continuously active volcanoes in the world; enjoy the lush greenery and delicious malvasia wines of Salina; then hike to Bronze Age ruins on tiny Filicudi. We begin our trip in Catania, which is easily reached by air from many European hubs. We then spend 7 nights aboard a luxury Turkish-style sailing yacht known as a “gulet” (the same that we use on our trips in Turkey, Greece and Croatia), all cabins with en suite bathroom and shower.

The best way to see the islands is by boat, since many towns, trails and beaches are only accessible by sea. The rich history, amazing natural beauty, and luxury of our own private yacht make this the trip of a lifetime!

Sicily Aeolian Island Hike & Cruise Tour Includes

  • Accommodation: 1 night Catania + 7 nights accommodation on board Turkish-style "gulet," a two-masted all-wood sailing ketch
  • Meals: All meals are included
  • Luggage: Bags are stored onboard the gulet starting from day 2 for the duration of your tour till drop-off at Catania on day 9
  • Special events: Guided visit of Archaeological Museum, Cave of the Monk Seal
  • Transport: Turkish-style gulet, private van transfers
  • Active days: 7 days of guided hiking
  • Guides: At least 1 bilingual Customwalks guide accompanies departures of 2 - 8 people; 2 guides accompany departures of 9 or more
  • Max group size: Tours are capped at 14 people


Booking: Please e-mail us at info@customwalks.com to receive a booking contract or simply click on the BOOK NOW button or the 'Contact Us' tab. Thanks!

Sicily Aeolian Island Cruise & Hiking Tour itinerary Request full itinerary

Day 1

Make your way independently to Catania, which is well connected to the rest of Italy and other European hubs by standard airlines (Alitalia) as well as low-cost carriers (Ryan Air, Easy Jet, etc.). Meet the rest of the group at 7 p.m. for drinks followed by dinner in town. Overnight Catania. Hotel and dinner included.

Day 2

We have a 1.5 hour van transfer this morning to Milazzo, where we can have lunch and explore the Baroque city streets before boarding our private “gulet.” From here we have a one-hour (or so) motor to Lipari, whose history goes back 6,000 years to Neolithic times when a lively trade in obsidian put the island on the map. Rich archaeological remains make this a fascinating place to start our trip. We’ll have a short hike through the old town before dinner, plus a visit of the fascinating Archaeological Museum. Return to the gulet for cocktails and then enjoy a fresh seafood dinner on deck or in town. Overnight Lipari. All meals included.

Day 3

After breakfast on board, we cruise around to the other side of the island for a hike along the rugged east coast with sweeping views over the sea. Return to the boat for a tasty lunch and then sail around to the crystal waters of the Faraglioni di Lipari for a swim.  In the late afternoon, cruise (only 30 mins) across the straits to the neighboring island of Vulcano, where we can try a soak in the famous thermal mud baths. Vulcano used to strike terror into the hearts of the Greeks and Romans as the legendary forge of the god Vulcanus, whose workshop produced the weapons for Mars, the god of war. Now it’s one of the hot-spots of the Italian coast, offering an active volcano, open-air thermal pools which bubble into the Mediterranean, and a beautiful black sand beach. Overnight Vulcano.

Day 4

Today after breakfast we have an exciting hike up to the crater rim of the volcano. You’ll have spectacular views over all of the Aeolian Islands, and get a peek into the crater, which, though dormant, still emits sulphurous fumes. We board our yacht again for lunch and a rest, then a swim in a quiet bay on the other side of the island. In the late afternoon we depart for the beautiful island of Panarea (2 hrs), the darling of Italy’s jet-set. Dine tonight at a local restaurant in town. Overnight Panarea.

Day 5

Wake up with a splash this morning! Try a morning swim with your coffee in the shimmering waters of Panarea Bay. Panarea is the second-smallest of the Aeolian Islands with only 280 year-round residents, and in recent years it has become known for its celebrity visitors. There is archaeological evidence on the island dating back to Mycenaean inhabitants (~ 1200 BCE) from Greece; later the island was settled by Romans. It remained inhabited until the fall of Rome, when pirates and other invaders made it too dangerous to live there. We have a lovely hike this morning to beautiful Cala Junco and Zimmari cove, where we can see the Bronze Age ruins of an ancient settlement. Return to our gulet for lunch and a swim at Lisca Bianca, where the Italian movie “L’Avventura” was filmed (in 1960) by acclaimed director Michelangelo Antonioni, while 25 m (75 ft.) below us lies the shipwreck of a British tanker that went down in 1885. Afterwards, motor over to our next destination (2 hrs): Stromboli (pronounced with the accent on the FIRST syllable, not as in the folded-over pizza dish). Overnight Stromboli.

Day 6

Wake up in the shadow of the massive Stromboli volcano, which has been in continuous eruption for the past 2,000 years! We can attempt a hike to the summit, or else take a more gentle 11 km loop hike from town up and around the base of the volcano. Return to the gulet for a swim and lunch, then cruise over to verdant Salina island (2 hrs). We’ll disembark upon arrival to sample some of their famous wines. Overnight Salina.

Day 7

Salina is the greenest island of the archipelago and graced with acres of delicious malvasia grapes. We begin our hike in the port of Rinella, known as Didyme (= twin) in ancient times for the twin peaks of the island’s silhouette. Set out after breakfast for a hike up to Monte de Porri, which commands fabulous views over the surrounding islands and over to the natural preserve of Monte delle Felci. Descend to the picturesque village of Pollara, where the Oscar-winning movie “Il Postino” was filmed. Return to the yacht for lunch and a swim in a turquoise bay, then eventually set motor for the tranquil island of Filicudi (3 hrs). Overnight Filicudi.

Day 8

Set out this morning to explore the wild and rugged island of Filicudi, three-quarters of which is now a Nature Reserve. The name “Filicudi” comes from the ancient Greek “Phoenicusa,” and indeed the island was settled since the Neolithic Age, around 3000 BCE. There is archaeological evidence on the island from the Bronze Age, as well as the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods. We’ll hike out to see the Bronze Age ruins of Capo Graziano and then head into the island’s interior. Return to the gulet for lunch on board and then a swim and a visit of the suggestive “Cave of the Monk Seal,” which is 30 m wide and 20 m high and used to be home to local seals. Later in the afternoon we motor back to Lipari (3 hrs). Overnight Lipari. 

Day 9

Leave your sea-legs behind and return to Milazzo this morning, then transfer back to Catania for onward journeys. Let us know if you would like us to help organize more hikes or activities for you (we have an entire week-long Sicily hike that begins from Catania).

Please note: Some details of the itinerary may change according to the departure date of your tour. Whenever we run a tour we make new discoveries. Sometimes they are good discoveries, like a wonderful new trattoria, and sometimes they are bad, like a trail has been washed away. The result is that we sometimes change our itinerary to improve it by adding new wonderful elements to the tour or by removing something that does not work anymore. Rest assured, our goal is to always provide you with the best possible experience. We will advise you of any changes to the original itinerary prior to departure.  

** Optional Extension **

Combine this amazing hiking tour with our "classic" Sicily hike, which also begins and ends in Catania. We explore the area around Mount Etna (another active volcano) as well as the beautiful Baroque city of Noto and the historically important city of Siracusa, which once rivaled Athens as the most important city in "Magna Grecia." See our trip here.

The hikes in the Aeolian Islands,

though not long in terms of distance, can be strenuous at times as we ascend or descend rugged trails and volcanic hillsides.  We have designed the trip so that there is always plenty of free time in the late afternoon so you can relax, read, or have a swim. Breakfast is included every day, and dinners reflect the excellent traditional food of the region. Daily distance between 6 - 12 km (4 - 7 miles).



Activity Level 2 + out of 5= Easy to Moderate Plus:
In general: 
This is an easy to moderate tour for fit hikers, and will be a little challenging but do-able for less fit hikers.
Terrain: Flat to gently rolling terrain but with some rocky, rugged terrain. May have some short, relatively steep climbs and descents, but nothing longer than 30 minutes. The hikes are shorter in distance than those on a 3-rated tour.
Actual hiking time: Between 2 - 4 hours per day, mostly in the morning but sometimes also in the afternoon
Distances: Usually 7 - 10 km (4.5 - 6 mi). Max distance is 12 km (7 mi).
Surfaces: Trails consist mainly of compact earth and/or gravel and sometimes gravel roads, with frequent rocky and uneven trails
Footing: Good, but on occasion you have to pay attention to where and how you place your feet. Proper hiking shoes with thick soles with good treads are required. Sport sandals, running shoes and tennis shoes are not adequate.
Specifics: Flat to rolling terrain but often on uneven, rocky trails. Daily activity between 2-4 hours per day, mostly in the morning. Max distance 10 km (6 mi.). Note: a typical day starts with a drop-off from the boat and a morning hike of a few hours with a stop along the way. We often end the morning hike at a beach or cove where we are picked up by the boat. Then we have lunch, cruise to our next destination, and sometimes have a short afternoon hike. This tour can become very easy if you choose to skip some of the hikes and enjoy relaxing on the boat!
Hiking Poles: Not required, but if you habitually use hiking poles then you will find them helpful
Compared to the Cinque Terre: This tour is significantly easier than the hikes in the Cinque Terre
Other: This tour is appropriate for fit, first-time “hikers” who enjoy hiking and who have good balance
Easy to Moderate Plus Tours: in this category are all of our boat–based tours in Turkey, Croatia, and Greece. On these trips, we usually do a hike in the morning, return to the boat for a swim and then lunch, then cruise for a few hours to our next destination, then sometimes drop off for another late afternoon hike, which you could skip and just relax on the boat. Your guides of course can advise you of the difficulty level and the terrain and footing of each hike.
Other Easy to Moderate Plus tours are: Tuscany Val d’Orcia & Maremma Hike and Provence Hike.
As a point of reference, what is a 1 out of 5 Activity rating? A 1 out of 5 rated tour is a tour without any hiking. Walks would be in towns, cities, and villages, and the countryside walks would be on paved, or gravel/dirt roads, and occasionally on some packed earth trails. Elevation gain and loss would be negligible.
As a point of reference, what is a 5 out of 5 Activity rating? A 5 out of 5 rated tour is a tour that would be physically challenging and technically difficult even for very fit and experienced hikers. The hikes would have steep ascents and descents on narrow, exposed trails with challenging footing, such as on scree fields, or through rock falls and boulders. Distances would be up to 25 km/16 miles per day and feature ascents of over 1,000 m/3,200 feet in a day. A 5 out of 5 tour would also mean that you would be carrying a heavier-than-normal pack. None of our tours are rated 5 out 5. Our most challenging tours are 4.5 out of 5, and they are the Dolomites Alta Via (because of some exposed trail that requires some technical expertise) and our Republic of Georgia tour which has some long hikes with over 1,000 meters of elevation gain.

By Air: Catania is well connected to other Italian cities as well as many European cities via low-cost airlines like EasyJet, RyanAir, etc. For the most current information, go to the airline’s website (in English), and click on “Flight information > Airlines” for a list of airlines that fly there. Also see also our "Transport Info" page (in the menu heading "Info") for specific airport information and a list of smaller airlines you can consult for flights.

Train: There are trains to Sicily from the Italian mainland, but it's not fast. The train from Rome, for example, will take you around 10 hours, so we suggest you fly!

Getting away at the end of the trip: We disembark the gulet on Saturday morning in Milazzo and then have a 1.5-hour transfer back to the Catania airport, arriving around 10 a.m., so please don't book any onward travel earlier than noon (if you MUST leave earlier, contact us and we'll see if we can help arrange earlier departure for you).

If you should book a trip with us you will receive detailed information about how to get to the start of your trip. Please e-mail us with any specific travel questions.

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