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Republic of Georgia - Tusheti National Park Hiking Tour

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  • Location: Georgia
  • Duration: 9 Days/8 Nights
  • Departing from: Tbilisi, Day 1
  • Tour finishes: Tbilisi, Day 9
  • Departures 2024: June 29
  • Price 2024: $3,550 USD for 5-8 people. $3,350 USD for 9-14 people. Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Single supplement $520 USD. One hiking guide accompanies departures of 2 - 8 people, two guides for 9 or more. The tour is supported by 4X4 vehicle/s and driver/s.
Trekking in the Mountains of Poetry, Tusheti National Park: the Caucasus is a unique world unto itself. It is home to mountain clans of ancient peoples who have lived for millennia amongst its soaring peaks and verdant alpine meadows. You'll find a Eurasian mosaic of cultures where a deep and genuine tradition of hospitality still resides. Since the peaceful Rose Revolution of 2003, the Republic of Georgia has returned to the world stage as a safe and fascinating new country to explore. It is a wonderful nation steeped in traditions, and whose good-humored people extend a warm invitation to visit their land. At a “supra,” a Georgian traditional dinner, it is said that your soul and body will be toasted, fed, watered, and made to sing and dance!

This hiking tour in the Tusheti National Park is supported by pack horses which carry your gear. Our journey starts in the capital of Tblisi, founded more than 1,500 years ago. We then drive to the dramatic scenery of the Kakheti and Tusheti valleys. These Caucasian “Shangri-Las” are hidden behind silent mountain tops and stone towers which have only recently been visited by foreign travelers. Largely untouched by the 21st century, Tusheti features ancient villages set amongst a stunningly beautiful alpine scenery. It is the perfect place for hiking and horse riding. We end the trip in the lowlands beneath the Tusheti heights, in the province of Khakheti, known to be one of the first wine-making areas in the world. Naturally, we will taste from local wineries and toast our wonderfully unique Caucasian wilderness experience. Experience the poetry of Georgia’s warm people and superb landscapes. Luggage is moved by jeep and by horse.

Republic of Georgia Hiking Tour Includes:

  • Accommodation: 8 nights accommodation (2 nights hotel Tbilisi, 6 nights in guesthouses as follows; 1 night Telavi, 2 nights Shenako, 1 night Dartlo, 1 night Jvarboseli, 1 night Omalo). You have a modern hotel in Tbilisi with en suite WC, shower, and AC. When we are in the national park we will be staying in clean, comfortable but rustic guesthouses. Toilet and shower facilities (hot water) are of course available, but they are shared with the members of our group. Don’t let the lack of an en suite WC prevent you from participating in this fabulous travel experience!
  • Meals: 8 breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Wine and Georgian Brandy included.
  • Luggage: Bags are transferred starting with pick-up from Tbilisi airport and transfer back to Tbilisi airport
  • Special events: Winery visit, 4x4 adventures, UNESCO villages
  • Transport: All road transfers by van and then 4x4 vehicle. A pack horse carries your day-pack on certain days
  • Active days: 7 days of guided hiking
  • Guides: At least 1 local, bilingual Customwalks guide accompanies departures of 2 - 8 people; 2 guides accompany departures of 9 or more people. Expert 4x4 drivers accompany groups of all sizes as required.
  • Max group size: Tours are capped at 14 people

Booking: Please e-mail us at info@customwalks.com to receive a booking contract or simply click on the BOOK NOW button or the 'Contact Us' tab. Thanks!

Weather: the days should be warm to hot, but the air stays cool as we're in the mountains. Evenings are cool in the mountains but can be warm to hot in Tbilisi and the Kakheti wine-growing region. We will be traveling in alpine areas so you must be prepared for mountain weather.

Republic of Georgia - Tusheti National Park Hiking Tour itinerary Request full itinerary

Day 1: Arrival Tbilisi

Independent arrival Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Tbilisi is located astride the Mtkvari River and is an easy city to explore. Its diverse history is reflected in its architecture, which is a mix of Medieval, Neoclassical, Beaux Arts, Art Nouveau, Stalinist, and Modern structures. Let us know your arrival time and we’ll pick you up at the airport. Dinner is also included for those who arrive by dinnertime. Overnight Tbilisi. Hotel and dinner included.

Day 2: Meet your Guides

Meet your guides at 9 a.m. for a casual walk through the old town or just sleep off your jet-lag and meet us later. Our official meeting time is at 1 p.m. at the hotel. We will have lunch together and then have a two-hour drive to the Kakheti wine-growing region at the foot of the Caucasus mountains. Check into your guesthouse, which is owned and operated by a local family. Reconvene for a winery visit and tasting at one of Georgia’s most innovative yet traditional producers, followed by a home-cooked meal at the winery. Overnight near Telavi. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 3: Telavi, Alavardi, Laliskuri, Tusheti, Omalo

You have an unforgettable 4-hour 4x4 drive up one of the most incredible roads in the world to access the Tusheti National Park. Inside the park are dozens of small villages that cling to the steep, grassy slopes of the mountains, and which have received UNESCO’s “Living Museum” status. Stop for a picnic lunch overlooking the village of Omalo and its 12th century defensive towers, then begin a hike up through “Upper” Omalo to the neighbouring village of Shenako, whose defensive towers are like a beacon from the land of Oz. Overnight in a charming guesthouse owned and run by the parents of one of our guides. A delicious dinner is accompanied by local wine and Chacha, the amazingly smooth Georgian brandy. Drive time 4 hrs, hiking time 2.5 hrs. Overnight Shenako. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 4: Omalo to Diklo

You have a full day today as we hike from Shenako to the villages of Diklo and Dotkalto. Hike through an incredible array of wildflowers and alpine grasses as you enjoy views down over Dagestan’s beautiful valleys. You’ll see families hard at work in their fields, often constructing the ubiquitous "hay hives” that dot the landscape. Return by 4x4 to Shenako, where our hosts have spent the day preparing for a “Supra.” More than just a feast, a Supra is an important Georgian cultural event characterized by abundant food and ritualized drinking led by a tamada (toastmaster). The rules are strict. You can only raise your glass when the tamada proposes a toast, and above all, you must drink to the toast (how big a sip you take is up to you!). Before the tamada steps into action, you’ll learn how to make Georgian dumplings from our host. Hiking time five hours. Overnight Shenako. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 5: Sanare Pass

You have a challenging hike today as we ascend the Sanare Pass, which is 1,911 m (6,270 ft.) above sea level. Happily, we are accompanied by a pack horse which carries our day-packs and picnic. Stop for lunch on the banks of a small waterfall beneath Chigo village. As we approach Dartlo the valley opens up, and in the distance we can see the craggy and snowy peaks of the Atsunta Range, which soar to over 4,000 m (12,000 ft.). Arrive in Dartlo and relax by the stream that tumbles down the east flank of the village. Dartlo is up for UNESCO World Heritage status for its traditional and unique architecture and Medieval stone defensive towers. You'll see the typical slate-roofed houses jumbled amongst 12th century stone towers. The village overlooks a broad and verdant river valley. Overnight at a local guesthouse. Hiking time 6 hrs. Day-packs carried by horse, while the main bags are moved by 4x4. Overnight Dartlo. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 6: Dartlo to Ghele, the Nakaicho Pass, and Jvarboseli

Enjoy breakfast next to the stream that rushes past our guesthouse, then transfer by 4x4 to the neighbouring village of Ghele. From there we have a hearty 1,000 m (3,000 ft.) climb up to the Nakaicho Pass, which sits at an elevation of 2,903 m (9,500 ft.) and rewards you with commanding views over the dramatic landscape. Continue to a shepherd’s house for a reviving cup of tea (or brandy!), and then eventually to the village of Jvarboseli, where we spend the night at a quaint guesthouse run by a wonderful family full of hospitality and good cheer. Overnight Jvarboseli. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 7: Jvarboseli to Omalo

Hop in your trusty 4x4 this morning for a half-hour transfer to the start of our final hike to Oreti Lake. The trail takes you through forests and villages to remote hamlets where shepherds bring their animals for the summer pasture. Stop for lunch in the summer home of a shepherd who makes wonderful local cheese. At the end of the day we are transported to the UNESCO World Heritage village of Omalo for our final night in the Tusheti Mountains. Overnight Omalo. Accommodation and all meals included.

Day 8: Omalo back to Tbilisi

Today we transfer back to Tbilisi, which entails another epic 4x4 journey out of the mountains and into the city by mid-afternoon. You’ll have time to freshen up before exploring the historic city on your own. We provide a map and an easy-to-follow itinerary that takes in the most charming and historic parts of the old town. Reconvene for a farewell dinner, a short walk from the hotel. Overnight Tbilisi. Hotel and all meals included.

Note: some of you may have early flights around 4 a.m. while others may be leaving later. You could even fly out tonight if it fits your schedule, but please don’t book anything before 6 p.m. Let us know your travel schedules and we'll make sure you're set with transport.

Day 9: Depart from Tbilisi

Say your good-byes after breakfast this morning. Breakfast and airport transfers included. 

Please note: Some details of the itinerary may change according to the departure date of your tour. Whenever we run a tour, we make discoveries. Sometimes they are good discoveries, like a wonderful new trattoria, and sometimes bad, like a trail has been washed away. Therefore, we sometimes change our itinerary to improve it by adding wonderful new elements or by removing something that does not work anymore. Rest assured; we always aim to provide you with the best possible experience. We will advise you of any changes to the original itinerary before departure.

Note on Itinerary: Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, this itinerary is subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control.

Activity Level 5 out of 5 = Challenging:
In general: This is a Challenging tour for fit hikers who will feel satisfied and a bit tired by the end of the day; it is NOT appropriate for novice hikers or even for experienced but unfit hikers.
Terrain: Rolling and often steep terrain. Challenging sustained climbs and descents of up to 1,200 m (4,000 ft). Altitude can play a role as our Challenging tours are in the mountains. On the Dolomites "Alta Via" tour we sleep at 2,700 m (8,500 ft).
Actual hiking time: 5 - 7 hours per day
Distances: Usually 15 - 18 km (9.5 - 11 mi). Max distance is 22 km (14 mi).
Surfaces: Trails are a mix of compact earth or dirt track, gravel roads, and rocky, uneven trails. You will find scree slopes and steep switchback trails, and at times you may have to use your arms to climb up a short “impasse,” or sit down on your bum to descend sections that are too big for a step. You might also find somewhat overgrown trails. 
Footing: Good to tricky. You must almost ALWAYS pay attention to where and how you place your feet. Proper hiking shoes or boots with thick soles with good treads are required. Sport sandals, running shoes and tennis shoes are not adequate.
Specifics: The most challenging day entails a 1,000 m (3,200) climb up and over the Sanares pass. Horses carry our day-packs, but it is a challenging climb all the same. The tour has long hikes each day.
Hiking Poles: REQUIRED! If you don’t bring your poles the guide will hit you over the head with their own poles. 
Compared to the Cinque Terre: Significantly more difficult than the Cinque Terre because the distances are much longer and the terrain and footing much more difficult. If you enjoyed the hikes in the Cinque Terre but wanted more at the end of the day and you regularly hike and backpack, then these 5-rated tours are right up your alley.  
Other: These tours are not appropriate for first-time hikers. People with hip and knee issues will probably find that the hikes aggravate their pre-existing injuries to the point that they may have to abandon the tour. Hikers need to be fit and have healthy joints, and easily be able to hike for six hours a day. You should also be used to negotiating rocky, uneven terrain. 
Backpacks: On these trips you will be carrying more in your backpacks than on other tours because: a) we are in the mountains so you need to carry more layers and be ready for any weather conditions; b) you may need to carry more water since it may not be available; c) you may be carrying your lunch; and d) in some cases you may have to carry an extra change of clothing, as in our Dolomites "Alta Via" Hike you stay up in the mountains where luggage transfers are not possible.  
Challenging Tours: Dolomites "Alta Via," Republic of Georgia – Tusheti National Park.
As a point of reference, what is a 1 out of 5 Activity rating? A 1 out of 5 rated tour is a tour without any hiking. Walks would be in towns, cities, and villages, and the countryside walks would be on paved, or gravel/dirt roads, and occasionally on some packed earth trails. Elevation gain and loss would be negligible.
As a point of reference, what is a 5 out of 5 Activity rating? A 5 out of 5 rated tour is a tour that would be physically challenging and technically difficult even for very fit and experienced hikers. The hikes would have steep ascents and descents on narrow, exposed trails with challenging footing, such as on scree fields, or through rock falls and boulders. Distances would be up to 25 km/16 miles per day and feature ascents of over 1,000 m/3,200 feet in a day. A 5 out of 5 tour would also mean that you would be carrying a heavier-than-normal pack. None of our tours are rated 5 out 5. Our most challenging tours are 4.5 out of 5, and they are the Dolomites Alta Via (because of some exposed trail that requires some technical expertise) and our Republic of Georgia tour which has some long hikes with over 1,000 meters of elevation gain.

Getting There: Tbilisi international airport is relatively well served by flights from Europe and from Istanbul.

Air: Georgian Airlines flies to Tbilisi’s international airport from a variety of European hubs (London Gatwick, Amsterdam, Bologna, Paris, Berlin, etc.). See the airport website here. You can also find flights with many European Airlines, like Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, and KLM, and Turkish Airlines has regular service via Istanbul. Many flights arrive in the middle of the night.

Getting Away at the End of the Trip: the trip ends after breakfast on Sunday morning. We can arrange a transfer to Tbilisi airport for your flight out. 

If you book a trip with us you will receive detailed information about how to get to and from the trip, and of course you can e-mail us with any questions.

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by EamonnH
Posted Jul 23, 2020

I had an amazing trip to Tuscheti National Park in Georgia with Custom walks. This was my second trip with them (other being the Italian Dolomites) and I just cannot recommend them highly enough. Marco and Brett do a remarkable job and I will certainly do other trips with them. HIGHLY recommend.

by Susan
Posted Apr 29, 2020

The scenery was gorgeous - both the mountains and the defensive towers. It was so neat to experience the Georgian culture - cheese making, sheep and cattle herding, and wine drinking. I recommend this trip for the hiking and the culture.

by Cathy
Posted Oct 19, 2019

What an experience! Hiking and visiting Tusheti was an other-worldly experience. The steep mountains with amazing views were worth the effort to get there. You feel like you're in the most remote corner of the world. Georgians, and especially, Tushetians are warm, generous and hospitable. Loved all the freshly grown vegetables for the picnics on the high mountain passes. Stuffed dumplings and fresh cheese. Doesn't get much better. Our guides were amazing and our group melded well!

by Susan
Posted Oct 10, 2019

The hiking is a once in a lifetime experience - to hike in a UNESCO world heritage site surrounding by high mountains and deep valleys The Georgian people are very warm and welcoming and shared their wine, chacha, and food traditions. The lonely mountain villages are very picturesque. It was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend it.,

by E Hope
Posted Jan 31, 2015

It is a tremendously interesting part of the world to visit. The mountains are beautiful, the walking was on good trails with spectacular views. I found the wild flowers enchanting,so many different types and the blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries were simply delicious. The people were lovely,warm and friendly, and our guide, well I feel like we have made a life long friend.

by S Lane
Posted Jan 30, 2015

We were lucky enough to do this trip in 2014, it was a wonderful experience. The walking is challenging, but so worth it- the views are spectacular. The owners of the guest houses in the Tusheti National Park are very welcoming, the accommodation is comfortable and the food plentiful. It was an adventure and one which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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I had an amazing trip to Tuscheti National Park in Georgia with Custom walks. This was my second trip with them (other being the Italian Dolomites) and I just cannot recommend them highly enough. Marco and Brett do a remarkable job and I will certainly do other trips with them. HIGHLY recommend.
by EamonnH

The scenery was gorgeous - both the mountains and the defensive towers. It was so neat to experience the Georgian culture - cheese making, sheep and cattle herding, and wine drinking. I recommend this trip for the hiking and the culture.
by Susan

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