FAQ: How large are your groups? 
We cap our walking trips at 14 participants and our bike trips at 16 participants. We usually have groups between 6 and 12.

FAQ: How small are your groups? What is your minimum group size?
We will guarantee a departure for only two people, but a small-group fee may apply. Please see our Guaranteed Departure Policy. for more information. Happily for us, we don't have too many tours that run with just two people. We usually manage to get at least 6 participants on tours, and indeed many of our tours sell out.

FAQ: How many guides accompany a tour?
Walking tours: On our walking tours we ave at least one Customwalks guide accompanying tours with up to 8 participants. Once there are more than 8 participants, there are two Customwalks guides. On the walking tours, the guide leads the group, and when there are two guides, one is at the head of the group, and the other is at the back because often the group divides naturally into two groups with slightly differing walking speeds.

Bike tours: On the bike tours we always have two guides. One guide is always in the van, sweeping the route, and the second guide is on the bike. Participants on the bike tours have detailed written route directions which allows everyone to ride independently and at their own pace.

FAQ: How many people do you need for a private trip? 
We can do a private trip for one person, if that is what you want to do, but of course it will be more expensive. Usually a good number is between six and twelve people. This means your private group benefits from sharing the cost of the trip, while remaining small and flexible. Of course we can also do trips for large groups too! We have done many private tours for groups of 20 - 24 particpants. The largest group was 100 clients.

FAQ: Where do your clients come from? 
We have a mix of clientele. Our trips are not prohibitively expensive so we get a nice cross-section of people, geographically, demographically and socio-economically. Most of our travelers are from the United States, although about 25% of our clientele is comprised of Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, South Africans, and Brits.

FAQ: What is the age range of people on the trips? 
On average, ages range from early 30’s to mid 60’s with the majority in the 45 to 60 bracket.

FAQ: Do you get many single travelers? 
There are usually at least two or three single travelers on our regular departures, sometimes more. We get more single females traveling with us.

FAQ: Do you charge a single supplement? 
Yes, we do, but it is relatively modest since we only charge the extra fees that are passed on to us by the hotels. We do not penalize single travelers with our own fees, and as a result our single supplements are lower than with most tour companies.

FAQ: What are your clients like? 
Many of our trip participants have traveled extensively, while others may be on their first overseas trip. Generally, we get fun and interesting people who are curious about the world and enjoy exploring new cultures and the wonders of nature. Hikers and bikers are often just that way! Of course, there is always the risk that you may not like someone on your tour, but that is a relatively rare occurrence. We recognize that a group is made up of individuals and therefore we design our trips to allow plenty of free time, so you can have time for yourself. And lastly, if there is someone who really is disruptive to the group, our guides have the authority to kindly ask them to leave. Happily, in 19 years of doing trips we have only needed to do this on one occasion.

FAQ: How does a typical day work? 
We design each day to have a balanced content of activity, cultural content, cappuccino and lunch time, short breaks, and then free time at the end of the day, and then dinner. So a typical day starts with breakfast at about 8 a.m, depart at about 9 a.m, walk for about an hour, have a break, resume, arrive in a village for a snack, another hour of walking, then lunch, then walk a little more, then perhaps a cultural visit/special event, then arrive back at the hotel around 3:30 – 4:00, free time, then get together at about 7:00 for an aperitivo followed by dinner. The guides will then brief you on the next day’s activities.

FAQ: How far do you walk in a day? 
We design all our trips, be they walking, biking, or scooter tours to have about 4 hours of activity per day, with a little more in the morning. On our walking tours we usually do between 12 and 16 kms, with the occassional 20 km day. Please see our Activity Rating page.

FAQ: How far do you bike in a day? 
On our bike tours we generally cover about 45 – 75 kms a day, with optional extension rides for strong rides, and our support van is there to assist riders when needed. Please see our Activity Rating page.

FAQ: How long have you been doing tours? 
Brett guided his first bike tour in Alsace in June 1990 for a company called Butterfield and Robinson. He established Customwalks in Canada in 1996. The company is now based in Christchurch, New Zealand and we have a Representative Office in Tuscany which gives the company a legal status in Italy and allows us to operate legally in Europe. It also means we get to deal with Italian bureaucracy. Hooray!

FAQ: I am not a strong cyclist. Do you think that I can do your Tuscany Bike Tour? 
Our Tuscany Bike Tour – Chianti is moderately challenging because of the terrain, but that is mitigated by a variety of factors: 

  1. our tour is not a race; 
  2. our 28-speed bikes have very low gearing which allow you to climb hills slowly but easily; 
  3. we offer full van support so your guide will be able to get you over the big humps as required (sometimes that means getting a lift over the first sizable hill in the morning, or the first sizable hill after lunch, or the last one before the hotel, etc. Or it may mean taking the afternoon off and going to the hotel after lunch to relax by the pool. Indeed, should you opt for that you may well have some company in the van!); 
  4. timing, since you are encouraged to go at your own pace, or you ca even leave a little earlier than the others in the morning if you’d like to get a head-start;
  5. independence: on any bike tour there is always a range of cycling abilities amongst the group, so we give everyone maps and detailed written directions allowing you to get from A to B independently and at your own pace; and
  6. you can spend as much or as little time in the van as you like. Our guides are excellent company!

FAQ: What about people who suffer from vertigo? 
All of the trails that we use are safe.The paths of the Cinque Terre walk and along the Amalfi coast can become narrow on occasion, but only for short stretches. These particular trails traverse the hillside along ancient terraces, sometimes along stone walls or steps. The paths hug the hillside on one side, and open out on the other, but not with precipitous drops. There is almost always foliage, or else a gradual slope down. Sometimes we do have to cross narrow rocky sections, so anyone suffering from acute vertigo may feel uncomfortable. Our guides are used to helping people get over these sections and will make every effort to make sure everyone is safe. However, if you already know that you have serious problems with vertigo then please contact us for a more detailed decription of the trails. In the Dolomites, there are some exposed wide open stretches of paths that would be difficult to negotiate if you suffer from vertigo.

FAQ: What about travel and health insurance? 
We highly recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and supplemental Travel Medical Insurance. Should you have to cancel your trip because of illness, injury or death to you or a family member, trip-cancellation insurance protects most of your deposits and payment for both air and land cost. Should you be injured during the course of your travels abroad supplemental Travel Medical Insurance will give you peace of mind and the financial wherewithal to cover the costs of medical treatment abroad and repatriation.

North American Residents: Travel Guard is a long standing Travel Insurance Compnay. Click on the logo below to be taken to the Travel Guard website.

U.K. Residents: Contact your insurance broker. Otherwise, here are some companies you may wish to contact:

N.Z. & Australian residents

For New Zealand residents we suggest that you look at the following companies or contact your insurance broker.

Mike Henry Travel Insurance Limited

Southern Cross Travel Insurance

For Australian clients we suggest:

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