We won’t cancel your trip.

Trip for two – We understand that people are reluctant to commit to a week-long tour if they are not sure it will even run. This is especially true for our Australian and Kiwi travelers, who are coming from very far away and tend to plan well in advance. For this reason, we guarantee that all of our tours will run with a minimum of two people, but a “small group fee” will be applied to “groups” of only two people.

We know that many of you look forward to meeting new people and enjoying the camaraderie of like-minded adventurers, and perhaps that is why you signed up for a tour in the first place. Indeed, you might even prefer not to take a tour if you knew you were the only ones on it. Thus, in the unlikely event that you are the only two people booked on a tour, we will give you the option to cancel one month before departure for a full refund, no penalty attached.

The bottom line is (see below!), once we accept your booking, we will not cancel the tour.

Guaranteed departures and small group fee. How does it work?

If you have signed up and paid a deposit for two people, the tour departure is automatically guaranteed. If no one else has signed up 30 days before departure we will notify you and give you the option of cancelling the tour and receiving a full refund, OR of committing to the tour and accepting the “small group” charge of Euro €300 per person. If you have opted for our two-week Sardinia and Corsica combo tour the small group charge is Euro €600 per person.

We request this modest supplement for all tours of just two people in order to make the tour viable for us. If more people sign up and we run the tour with three people or more, the “small group” supplement is not required. The option to cancel a tour 30 days before departure thus applies to tours with two people only.

Regarding our Dolomites Classic Tour and Dolomites Light Tour: The same small group fee applies to these departures which we run together and in tandem. For example, if we have a group of 8 hikers signed up for both tours, but only two people have opted for the "Light" version, then the small group supplement applies to those participants who have chosen the "Light" version. This is because we need to hire a guide to accompany the two participants on the Light version. The same logic and policy applies if we have only two participants opting for the Classic version and everybody else is on the "Light" version. If we have three people for each tour, then the small group fee is not applied.

We believe that this is a fair arrangement for all concerned. We hope you agree and can appreciate our guarantee to not cancel your tour.

Finally, depending on the tour and the season, we reserve the right to not accept your reservation. Generally, we will keep a tour on our calendar until four weeks before departure. If we have not received any sign-ups by then we cancel that date. If it is six weeks, or even eight weeks before departure and we get two sign-ups, we might refuse your booking because we may not be confident that we will get more people to join. We leave the date available because we often get groups of four or six signing up for a tour. If it is three months before departure, we have plenty of time to promote that particular tour and we would hopefully get other people to join.

The bottom line is, once we accept your booking we will not cancel the tour.

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Customer support

Contact us by email. All inquiries

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General information and sales, New Zealand. Contact us by calling or leaving a message on Whatsapp. 

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