We guarantee that our tours will run with a minimum of just four people. Depending on the tour, we may agree to run the tour for you even if only two people are booked, but in that case, a “small group fee” will be applied to “groups” of less than four people.

If 90 days before departure, there are still fewer than four people booked on the tour, we will either cancel the tour and fully refund your money, or we may agree to run the tour for you with only two or three people on the tour. If we do that, you can decide what you want to do. If you agree to do the tour, we request a small group” supplement of Euro €300 per person for groups of less than four people. 

We request this modest supplement for all tours of less than four people in order to make the tour viable for us. If more people eventually sign up and we run the tour with four people or more, then the “small group” supplement is not required and will be refunded if previously paid. 

If you are the first to book a tour with us, we will accept your booking. We will inform you as soon as we receive bookings that bring the group size to four people, and the tour will become a “guaranteed departure.”

We believe that this is a fair arrangement for all concerned.

Finally, depending on the tour and the season, we reserve the right not to accept your reservation. Generally, we will keep a tour on our calendar until four weeks before departure. We cancel that date if we have not received any sign-ups by then. If it is six weeks or even eight weeks before departure and we get two sign-ups, we might refuse your booking because we may not be confident that we will get more people to join. We leave the date available because we often get groups of four or six signing up for a tour. If it is three months before departure, we have plenty of time to promote that particular tour, and we would hopefully get other people to join.

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Customer support

Contact us by email. All inquiries

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